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“The Executioner’s Daughter” is an interesting premise, well-told, with twists and developments I genuinely didn’t expect. She’s a talent to watch.” James Bojaciuk
“Ms Goli proves herself to be a craftswoman of note from down under, and one to look out for. A very entertaining read”. Moteridgerider
The Eight Dwarf Cover Front
“R.A. Goli takes what could otherwise be a utterly unsympathetic character and injects him with a palpable humanity, highlighting how a person’s self-interest (and selfish desires) can blind you to the true nature of the people around you despite all of the evidence.” Matthew X. Gomez

The Eighth Dwarf  is currently being revised.

The second edition will be available soon. 


Author Photo R.A. Goli is an Australian writer of horror, fantasy, and speculative short stories. In addition to writing, her interests include reading, gaming, the occasional walk, and annoying her dog, two cats, and husband. 

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